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High-Tech Gadgets to Deck Out Your Bathroom

High-Tech Gadgets to Deck Out Your Bathroom

If you love the convenience and sleek designs offered by modern tech gadgets, you will love these new features for your bathroom. Each comes as a stand-alone fixture, so you are free to splurge on one or go for the whole shebang and outfit your bath with the latest gizmos. Consider these high-tech upgrades to streamline your bath experience.


There are several new developments in faucets to consider. They range from beautiful, wall-mounted faucets to state of the art options that have thermally activated colors to let you know you have the ideal temperature. Many feature automatic sensors to make touching germ-riddled handles a thing of the past. You can even have your plumber install a faucet/dryer duo that eliminates the need for hand towels in the bathroom.


If you like your shower to be a sensory experience, you are in luck with some of the ultra-modern shower gadgetry, like the chromotherapy shower that bathes you in multicolored lights designed to balance your energy. You can decide if you want the mood to be tranquil and relaxing to help wind down after a long day or motivating and energizing to start you off on the right foot in the morning. Other shower technology includes fully programmable showers where you can digitally program the stream, temperature, length of shower, and even the type of music you want serenading as you wash off. Also available are built-in TVs with waterproof remotes so that you can multitask and knock out your watchlist.

There are several new developments in faucets to consider. They range from wall-mounted faucets that send cascades of water along a series of tiny water ports to faucets that have thermally activated colors to let you know you have the ideal temperature.


If you are tired of walking into the bathroom to find that the last person didn't flush, you will be happy to discover that you can now buy and install your very own automatic hands-free toilet that will also open and close the seat with the motion of a hand. Some models even feature a night light, heated seats and electrolyzed water to clean the toilet. These toilets eliminate the need to hound little ones and significant others to flush the toilet or lower the seat and make keeping the toilet clean a breeze.


Human activated mirrors spring to life when a human face is detected and emanate natural light to give you a true image when grooming or applying makeup. You could also get a bathroom mirror TV, which hides “in the mirror” when they are turned off and become visible with a touch of the remote. This small TV insets at the top of the mirror so you can watch the morning news while you brush your teeth.

Whether you are looking for ways to make your life easier or you just want an ultra-modern bathroom equipped with the latest technology and are considering adding them as you remodel, there are many options to choose from. Contact us today to discuss how we can remodel your current bathroom into one with all the conveniences technology has to offer.

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