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How To Properly Dispose Of Thanksgiving Dinner

How To Properly Dispose Of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a joyous time filled with feasting and quality time with family, but cleaning up after dinner can be a real chore. With a little planning and forethought, you can avoid problems with your plumbing and do your part to save the environment by observing a few guidelines for disposing of your turkey dinner.

Grease and Fat

Grease and fat are the biggest offenders when it comes to wreaking havoc with your plumbing, but it isn't just dumping turkey fat down the drain that you should avoid. There are many silent offenders to add to the list to keep your plumbing running smoothly. Here's what you can do to lighten the load of grease that makes its way into your drains.

  • Pour the fat and grease from your turkey, or the sausage you cooked up to make the dressing, into a can to cool. Throw the cooled fat in the trash.

  • Wipe the insides of pots and pans used to cook the turkey or other fatty foods with paper towels and throw the towels in the trash.

  • Scrape all food particles from plates and serving dishes before washing them in hot soapy water. Even trace amounts of grease and food particles can contribute to clogs in your drains.

  • Avoid putting greasy or fatty foods in the garbage disposal. Just because it grinds them up doesn't mean the fatty mess disappears.

  • Avoid pouring leftover gravy or sauces down the drain. They often contain high amounts of fat that can cling to the inside of your pipes.

  • Avoid pouring dairy products down the drain. Throw that smidgen of cheese sauce and dollop of onion dip in the trash instead. Both contain fat that will clog your drains.

Avoid Pouring Gravy or Sauces Down Your Drain


Nearly everyone enjoys a good meal of Thanksgiving leftovers, but after a few days, it is time for any leftovers that have survived to go. Follow these tips for taking care of them responsibly.

  • Add leftover vegetables and fruits to the compost bin, but beware. If you have added cream, butter or other sauces to the veggies, they don't belong in your compost bin. Throw them in the trash instead. Fats, meats, bones and dairy products are a no-no for the compost bin.

  • Turkey carcasses go in the trash too, unless you'd like to try the old-timer's trick of offering it to the birds. If appearance isn't an issue, string the turkey carcass up in a tree and watch as hungry birds stop to dine.

  • Leftover foods that do not contain fats can be safely disposed of in the garbage disposal, but don't forget to run plenty of water to flush it all down the drain.

Clean Up

Cleaning up after a family gathering includes more than taking care of the Thanksgiving dinner. You will likely have drink containers and other recyclables to take care of too.

  • Place clearly marked bins in a convenient location for guests to deposit recyclable items. This will vary according to the opportunities to recycle in your area.

  • Briefly explain your recycling preferences to guests. Their practices may differ from yours, but with a little guidance they will be sorting their items with ease.

Talk to family and guests before the big cleanup begins so everyone understands how to dispose of the items at hand. With proper cleanup you can avoid the need to call in an emergency plumber to clear the drains while showing respect for the environment, too. Check that you have the name and number of your favorite Chicago plumber near the phone before the party begins to avoid unnecessary hassles if a problem arises.

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