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Check Out the Latest Trends in Bathroom Technologies

Check Out the Latest Trends in Bathroom Technologies

Our phones are like mini-computers these days and the GPS systems in our vehicles practically make maps obsolete. Smart technology follows us everywhere, even to the bathroom. New technologies are hitting the market that bring previously boring bath fixtures into the future. 

Bathtub Music Systems

Most of us have a favorite playlist of tunes that we carry around with us on a phone or mp3 player. Wouldn't you love to sing along with those great tunes in the shower or bath? Kohler's VibrAcoustic tub is a great way to truly experience your favorite music. The tub acts as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone or iPod, emitting sonic waves that you can hear and feel even underwater. Adjustable bubble levels let you further customize your experience.

If showers are more your style, Kohler's DTV + shower system will bring the disco party to a new level. The system includes a touch-screen interface installed in the shower itself and an external system controller. From there, homeowners can customize the system by adding SoundTile speakers and a WaterTile Ambient Rain showerhead unit with 88 water nozzles and a multi-color light show.

Touchless Toilets Allow Your to Flush the Tank With a Wave of Your Hand

Touchless Toilets

Even the cleanest of bathrooms can be germy places. Imagine the beauty of never having to touch the toilet handle again. Touchless toilets, such as Kohler's Cimarron Touchless and Delta's Brevard with FlushIQ, work by allowing the user to simply wave his or her hand over a sensor on the tank, rather than depressing a handle, to flush it after use.

Common in countries like Japan, bidets are starting to gain popularity in America as well. Toilets with "Numi" bidet technology treat your underside to thorough cleansing complete with a heated blow-dry to eliminate freezing cold middle of the night trips to the bathroom.

Home Automation Systems 

One of the first home automation systems was the programmable thermostat enabling homeowners to change temperature depending on the time of day and whether they were home or not. Now from a simple tablet computer like an iPad, homeowners can control everything from their outdoor lights to the gas fireplace, all without moving from their comfortable seats. In a home with an automated bathroom system, you can warm the floors, start the shower and adjust it to your preferred temperature, and turn on you favorite get-moving morning music, all before you leave your warm bed.

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