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Find An Emergency Plumber without Getting Swindled

Find An Emergency Plumber without Getting Swindled

A plumbing emergency is a vulnerable time for most families. If you do not understand how your plumbing system works, or what is exactly wrong with your system, then you are at the mercy of the plumbing company who comes to your rescue. That opportunity is too much for some plumbers to resist, and cases of fraudulent plumbing schemes have been surfacing for a while. 

ABC News and other journalistic sources have run several stories about families that have fallen victims to rogue plumbers who charge 200-500 percent more than what is considered normal.  We hear stories of people who pay $10,000 for a plumbing job that would normally cost only $2,000. That fleecing of families is increasing. The big question is what families can do to protect themselves from dishonest people. Here's what to look for when hiring a plumber: 


One of the first things to check when you need a plumber is for a company that is licensed by your local agency. In some cases, that is a city or county agency. What a licensed plumber or plumbing company has to offer is a certifiable experience that meets a city or county's plumbing code. Most rogue plumbers do not have licenses for plumbing. That means that their experience is not under regulation by a municipality. Only use a company that has a license. In so doing, you are decreasing the risks of being fleeced. A company with many complaints undergoes an investigation and could lose its license. 

Hire a Plumber with a License


The second thing to look for when you hire a plumbing company is experience. Plumbers who stay in business for decades or even generations have put down roots and have survived by treating customers with respect and offering a quality service that is valuable to their community. 


A third resource for people who need a plumber is to check online rating companies such as the Better Business Bureau or Google. Those kinds of sites allow customers to leave feedback about their experience with a plumbing service. The people who need a plumber can then make a more informed decision about each plumbing company that they review. 


A fourth thing that people should insist upon is a written estimate for the work that needs to be completed. A legitimate plumber understands plumbing systems and will most likely be able to tell you exactly what is wrong with your plumbing system. That knowledge allows the plumber to know how much time it will take to do a repair. It will also allow the plumber to tell which parts need replacing and can provide an estimate for the total cost of the project. They should be able to tell you all of this before they start working. 

Having an estimate prepares you for the cost and scope of the plumbing project. All of these tools help families decrease their odds of being taken advantage of by those who pose as emergency plumbers. The takeaway here is only accept licensed plumbers or plumbing companies. Look for a company with a history of serving their community. Also, check out the company on one or more online sites for customer reviews. Lastly, only give work to companies who give an estimate. 

If you would like to work with an emergency plumber with all of these skills then consider John Baethke & Son Plumbing. We have been awarded by the Better Business Bureau and have a long history of working with families just like you. 

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