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The Essential Checklist for Hiring a Great Plumber

The Essential Checklist for Hiring a Great Plumber

When you hire a plumber or other service professional, you have the potential of entering into a long-term relationship with the provider. As any homeowner knows, mechanical repairs and routine maintenance are simply a part of homeownership. Wouldn't it be best to choose a great plumber from the beginning rather than picking a new emergency plumber every time a situation arises? Aside from ascertaining that the company is licensed and insured, what should you look for in a service professional?

1.  Check the Services They Provide

Each company has its own specialty.  A "Jack of all Trades" is not what you want when you have a serious plumbing issue. Someone who claims to do it all generally doesn't do much of it well. Look for a company that specializes in the type of service you need such as residential plumbing services. Perusing their website should give you an idea of what the company does best. Some plumbing companies work only for general contractors on new construction while others prefer residential work and often provide emergency services for homeowners.

2.  Company Longevity

With age comes experience. A company that has been in business for many years has the experience needed to do the job right. They will have a strong track record of performing quality work and pleasing customers as word of mouth advertising keeps these types of businesses afloat.

Hiring Checklist #1 - Services Offered

3.  Service Area

Some companies are willing travel throughout a particular region without an extra fee while others will only work within a set geographical area such as a town or county. Look for a company that serves your area and is knowledgeable about doing business under local ordinances and building codes.

4.  Reviews

Consulting online review sites and more traditional information sources like the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce can be helpful when investigating a company. A strong history of good reviews is great. If a few negative reviews exist, look for additional information about how the company responded to the customer or how they worked to rectify the situation to the homeowner's satisfaction. How a company works to make things right can speak volumes about their overall commitment to customer service. 

5.  Licensing

Professional licensing is a must and you should never hire a plumber that cannot provide proof of such licensing. Just because the company's website or truck claims the company is licensed doesn't mean that it is proof of licensure. A licensed professional will never be upset if a customer asks for proof.  

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John Baethke & Son Plumbing has enjoyed serving Chicago's Northside and North Shore for over 65 years.  John Baethke & Son Plumbing specializes in residential service including emergency repairs, sewers, and sump pumps among many other plumbing services. Our expert plumbers are available 24/7 to handle any conceivable residential plumbing problem that can arise.  If you find yourself in need of an emergency plumber or are searching for a long term service provider, call us at 773.360.0112 to discuss your plumbing needs with us.