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Clogged and Backed Up Drain Problems

Clogged and Backed Up Drain Problems

Proper care of your pipes is very important. By keeping your pipes in check, you can avoid numerous catastrophes in your home, such as clogging and overflowing, which can lead to thousands of dollars' worth of repairs. 

Build Up and Simple Fix

Over the years, numerous particles can build up in your pipes. For example, waste and hair build up from the bathroom, while food particles may build up in the kitchen. Over time, the buildup in each section of your home becomes significantly worse — so much so that it can turn into thick tar or sludge. The tar and sludge can severely clog your drains, which initially will cause water to slowly drain through your pipes. This is the first major indicator of clogged drains, and you would be wise to get right on top of it. This problem is cheap and easy to fix; all you really need is a plunger, a plumber’s snake, or similar liquid products. This will take care of the problem quickly and with ease. However, if you continue to leave the pipes as they are, then your troubles have only just begun.

Clog Build Up

Overflow Problem

By leaving your pipes clogged without doing anything, you only serve to increase the amount of sludge with more waste, food, and sediment particles, thus making the sludge thicker. Over time, the sludge will become so thick that no water can pass through it, and thus, you will have backed up pipes and drains. With nowhere else to go, the water will overflow from anything it can escape from, including your toilet, shower drains, and sinks and even leaking through the pipes behind your walls. Your home will be overflowing with waste, which not only creates a foul smell, but also causes severe water damage to your home. By this time, you would have to call a professional plumber, which could cost a few thousand dollars just to repair the backed up pipes alone.


By taking good care of your pipes over the years, you can always manage to avoid expensive damages to your pipes, plumbing, and home. Be sure to occasionally clean your drains; even if you don’t do it often enough, just keep your eye on how quickly your water drains in your sinks and shower. Get right on top of it once you see the water slowly draining, as it is a quick, easy, and cheap problem to fix. 

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